California Now Considering Mattress Disposal Legislation

Legislation was amended in California last week to require mattress manufacturers to establish an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system for used mattresses. California joins Connecticut and Rhode Island in attempting to enact bills that would require mattress manufacturers to pay for the collection and disposal of discarded mattresses. The California bill differs slightly from mattress legislation in the other states in that it appears to allow manufacturers to pass the costs of EPR onto consumers. The bill also allows manufacturers to be exempted from participating in the California EPR system by paying the state $25 for each mattress it sells in the state.

The Senate Environmental Quality Committee will hold a hearing on the bill on April 23rd at which ISPA will testify in opposition to the bill. As with EPR bills pending in CT and RI, ISPA has hired representation in Sacramento to fight the California bill. If you are based or have commercial contacts in California, please contact Chris Hudgins to help support our efforts.