You Can Win $10,000 with FedEx
ISPA members could win $10,000 when they apply for our FedEx Advantage discount program

We’re pleased that our relationship with FedEx gives you a shot at energizing your business with hundreds of prizes. You’ll be automatically entered in the sweepstakes and eligible to play the game when you submit your enrollment application for our FedEx Advantage discount program. Use passcode DNWYKF.

Make eligible shipments with FedEx from Sept. 12, 2012, through Nov. 7, 2012, and you could win multiple ways and multiple times.  As a member of ISPA, you’ll also save up to 26% on FedEx services during the sweepstakes and beyond.  Click here to enter.

ISPA members have quick access to a variety of cost-cutting and time-saving program in addition to FedEx.  Learn more today!