With supply chain issues causing headaches, some consumers are paying more attention to Made in USA labels than ever before. But what are the rules around making that claim? This month’s issue of BedTimes delves into that question and lays out what manufacturers can safely say about their products. To read more, turn to the February issue of BedTimes, online now at BedTimesMagazine.com, and in mailboxes next week.

On a related note, Better Sleep Council research shows supply chain issues are taking a toll on the mattress industry, as well as other categories such as furniture and appliances. Dive into the numbers with Dave Perry’s article on the survey results.

Also in this issue, read up on how to manage weed in the workplace. With rapidly changing state regulations around marijuana use, employers may be hazy about whether — or how— they should revise drug policies. Plus, get updates on Mattress Council Recycling research projects, see what values independent bedding producer Gold Bond has carried through the years, learn how big companies can cultivate intrapreneurs and discover three ways your brain limits creative thinking.

Wrapped coils have bounced back as a major player in mattress construction. Producers say innersprings meet mattress makers’ needs for durable, breathable and sustainable components. Plus, spring units are easy to fold and roll to meet an increasing demand for boxed mattresses. To read more about the most recent innerspring innovations, turn to the October issue of BedTimes, online now. Visit BedTimesMagazine.com and clicking through to the BedTimes digital edition from the homepage to start reading today.

Turn to this month’s issue to read up on the news from the Summer Las Vegas Market and see what exhibitors had to say about the mood of the market. One key word that seems to capture the feeling — unsettled. Also in this issue, check out the profile on South Bay International — this bedding company has seen growth as the pandemic pushed more people to purchase online.

Plus, are you sleeping on the job? New Better Sleep Council research found that 22% of working Americans are catching catnaps during the workday. In the pages of the Nightcap department, discover what NASA found to be the ideal length of time for a nap. And don’t miss Dave Perry’s thoughts on the impact of Covid-19 on the bedding industry.