Illinois Bill Would Require Mattress Pads/Toppers Used in Public Occupancies to Meet Additional Flammability Requirements

IL HB 5407 would expand the scope of the state’s Furniture Fire Safety Act, which currently regulates seating furniture used in “public occupancies” (including jails, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and child day care facilities) to include “furnishings” like “pads or toppers placed on top of a furnishing or bed” (but not mattresses). Labeling requirements would also apply. Mattress pads and toppers with “a smooth surface,” less than one-half inch of filling material and with no “horizontal surface meeting a vertical surface” are exempt from these requirements, unless they are juvenile products or are “used for and in facilities designed for the care or treatment of humans” (such as hospitals, mental health facilities, similar health care facilities, as well as nursing care and rehabilitation centers).

The effective date of these amendments at present is unclear. ISPA will monitor this bill.