Rhode Island

S 2449 would ban the use of all intentionally added PFAS in consumer products by December 31, 2031 unless the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) finds such use unavoidable. Starting in 2023, juvenile products, defined as products intended for use by children under 12, which includes crib and toddler mattresses but expressly excludes adult mattresses, would be prohibited from sale if they contain intentionally added PFAS. In 2024, upholstered furniture and textile furnishings sold in the state are prohibited from containing intentionally added PFAS. Existing state law defines “textile furnishings” to include mattresses.  Starting in 2024, DEM would be authorized to ban the use of PFAS in other target priority products at least every 3 years.  Beginning in 2025, manufacturers of products sold in the state that still contain PFAS must report information concerning those products to DEM.


HB 22-1345 would prohibit intentionally added PFAS in broad categories of products beginning in 2024, including fabric treatments, upholstered furnishings and upholstered furniture, which existing state law defines as including mattresses. Beginning in 2025, the Department of Public Health and Environment (DPHE) would begin listing additional priority products for PFAS prohibition. All PFAS-containing priority products are prohibited from sale beginning in 2030. Finally, before 2025, manufacturers of PFAS-containing products sold in the state must provide required information to DPHE.