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Sleep and Mental Health

Learn about the relationship between sleep and mental health so you can improve the quality of your zzz’s. Visit the Better Sleep Council Blog and see how it helps you discover the connection between sleep and your mental well-being. The World Federation for Mental Health began observing World Mental Health Day in 1992 as a way to […]

Preliminary Injury Determination in the China Mattress Antidumping Case

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has released its preliminary injury determination in the China mattress antidumping Case.  The nonconfidential version of its 3-0 preliminary affirmative injury determination and report in its antidumping investigation of mattresses from the Peoples Republic of China. This document describes the factors that the Commissioners considered relevant in finding a reasonable […]

ISPA Supports Antidumping Petition on Mattresses from China

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) represents manufacturers of mattresses and other sleep products and suppliers of components and services to the sleep products industry. As the voice of the sleep products industry for over 100 years, our mission is to lead and advance the interests of this industry. ISPA supports the petition filed today […]

ISPA Issues Mattress Industry Trends, 2018 Forecast and Wage reports

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has responded to important shifts in the bedding industry in preparing the 2017 Mattress Industry Trends Report released today. In providing market intelligence essential to industry success, ISPA, the trade association for mattress manufacturers and suppliers, has published the latest and most comprehensive shipment and sales data available from any source […]

Looking for helpful, easy-to-understand information to gain insight into today’s consumers?

There is now a a fun, interactive infographic that gives retailers insight into their customers and help generate more sales. It’s mobile friendly and just what the bedding industry needs to get to know their potential customers. In May, the Better Sleep Council, the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, launched an interactive […]

Sleep, is it your priority? It should be.

Prioritizing Sleep Pays Off: Stay Alert at Work by Improving Your Sleep Habits, from Getting the Right Amount of Sleep to the Quality of Your Mattress! In a Nutshell: Despite the crucial role it plays in health and mental benefits, quality sleep is not as highly prioritized as nutrition and exercise in the minds of many Americans. […]

ISPA Launches Consumer Analytics Program

A new year brings new ideas. This month, the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is introducing a new tool the industry can use to improve market intelligence and boost bedding sales. ISPA’s Consumer Analytics Program is a highly sophisticated data analytics vehicle. User-friendly data tools help retailers increase their share of consumer spending, improve the efficiency of […]

What do you know about the Better Sleep Council?

The BSC is the consumer-education arm of International Sleep Products Association and has been helping consumers understand the critical relationships between sleep, health and quality of life and the key role that a quality #mattress and the #sleep environment plays in this equation. Watch this video and learn more about what the BSC does for your industry.  

How will you sleep at ISPA EXPO 2018?

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Insomniaczzz Are Back!

They’re back! For one more night of great music and great fun at the ISPA Welcome Reception Wednesday, March 9 at 5pm in the Convention Center Atrium. Want more information about next week’s event? Visit the ISPA EXPO website and check out all we have to offer!