The Connecticut legislature has been active in considering legislation to require mattress manufacturers to establish and pay for an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program to recycle used mattresses discarded in the state.  Last week, supporters of the bill announced late Tuesday their intent to rush it to the Senate floor for a vote the next day.  Upon learning of this effort, ISPA, one of its members in the state and the state’s retailer trade association quickly mobilized and succeeded in persuading Connecticut legislators to drop consideration of the bill from the Senate’s agenda for that day.

Although neither chamber in the Connecticut legislature has yet to vote on the EPR mattress legislation, supporters are maintaining pressure and have stated that they intend to pass legislation this year.  ISPA has met with them several times and continues to oppose the bill vigorously.  In addition, we have proposed alternatives to minimize the impact of this bill on mattress manufacturers, retailers and consumers if it is in fact enacted.  The legislature adjourns on May 9th and we will continue to update members throughout this process.