Why should I join ISPA?

The sleep products industry is evolving and you want to be in the know. ISPA is dedicated to providing members with exclusive, up-to-date news, resources, research and opportunities, so you can improve your practices and financial performance.

How can my company join ISPA and what does it cost?

Complete the appropriate membership application to apply for membership. For additional information about ISPA membership, contact us at 703-683-8371.

Can I get a list of ISPA members?

Member lists are available exclusively to ISPA members. If you are a member and would like to access the membership directory, click here.

I have questions about the federal open-flame mattress standard?

Please visit  Federal Mattress Regulations to review questions and answers that will help clarify what the standard means for consumers.

How can I subscribe to BedTimes or SleepSavvy magazines?

How much does it cost to advertise in ISPA magazines?

Visit BedTimes Advertising Rates or SleepSavvy Advertising Rates. For additional information contact Kerri Bellias.

How can I place a classified ad in BedTimes?

Contact Kerri Bellias
[email protected]

How do I get my company’s news into BedTimes?

Send press releases and news to BedTimes Magazine at [email protected]

How do I obtain a list of those who attended the ISPA EXPO?

ISPA EXPO attendee lists are available exclusively to ISPA EXPO Exhibitors.

How can I exhibit at ISPA events?

Contact Kerri Bellias for details on exhibiting at the ISPA EXPO trade show or the Industry Conference.

When is ISPA’s next trade show?

Learn more about ISPA EXPO and future event dates.

What is the BSC?

BSC stands for the Better Sleep Council and the group educates the public on the importance of sleep and its link to good health. Visit www.bettersleep.org to learn more.

Does ISPA publish information for consumers?

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) is devoted to educating the public about the importance connection between sleep and good health and your quality of life. The BSC puts out information about the value of the sleep system and sleep environment in the pursuit of a good night’s sleep. Visit www.bettersleep.org for more information.

Does ISPA publish any information for Sleep Products retailers?

ISPA’s publication Sleep Savvy is your retailer resource. Visit the SleepSavvy magazine website.

What is the SPSC?

SPSC Safety Hangtags provide valuable information on how mattress consumers can safeguard their families. Using the hangtag offers no legal guarantees, but its consumer safety messages can be helpful to both mattress manufacturers and retailers in defending product liability lawsuits.. To order contact us at 703-683-8371 or send your request to Jane Oseth.

What are SPSC hangtags?

SPSC Safety Hangtags certify that mattresses meet Federal Flammability Standards and inform consumers about the safe use of sleep products. To order contact us at 703-683-8371 or send your request to Jane Oseth.

Where can I find information on federal and state bedding laws for stuffed articles such as Mattresses, pillows, mattress pads, cushions, upholstered furniture, etc.?

How can I ge my company listed in the printed or online version of the BedTimes Supplies Guide?

You can learn more about the supplies guide and access this resource by visiting BedTimes Supplies Guide.

Where can I find statistics on the sleep products industry?

You can find information regarding statistics in the Industry Statistics section of the website.

How can I subscribe to receive ISPA’s weekly e-newsletter?

The ISPA Insider is available exclusively to ISPA members and provides information about industry news, events, advocacy information and more – if you are currently an ISPA member, please contact Jane Oseth to be added to our email list.