Historical Market Data

ISPA has compiled select industry data from reports we’ve published since the 1970s. Gain access to free, historical market data about the mattress industry.

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Historical Market Data

In response to requests from ISPA members for long-term historical data about the mattress industry, ISPA has compiled selected industry data from all available reports that we have published since the 1970s.

In making this information available, it is important to bear in mind that our data collection criteria and procedures, as well as presentation formats, have changed several times over the years. This was especially true with regard to the monthly and quarterly data sets.

To help members identify when these changes have occurred, hard breaks in the spreadsheets indicate major shifts. For example, for a number of years (1993-2002), ISPA used the sample data from the monthly and quarterly data to estimate industry-wide activity. ISPA discontinued this practice in 2003. To transition from one of these shifts to the next, we have presented the data for the transitional years in both the “old” and the “new” manner.

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CSIL World Mattress Industry Report

Understand the dynamics of international trade in the mattress industry. As a supplement to its annual Mattress Industry Trends Report, ISPA offers the latest CSIL World Mattress Industry Report compiled by CSIL Milano, the Centre for Industrial Studies. CSIL is a research company with 25+ years of experience analyzing the global furniture market. This exclusive report includes statistical data including detailed import and export trends for the main 40 mattress manufacturing countries.

The CSIL World Mattress Industry Report is based on the first section of a five-part report captioned World Mattress Industry Report (code W.17, 2018 edition), published by CSIL Milano. ISPA thanks CSIL Milano for permission to reprint this data. ISPA members interested in learning more about CSIL Milano’s full report on the mattress industry may view the Table of Contents.

As an added member benefit, ISPA members may also purchase CSIL Milano’s entire World Mattress Industry report from CSIL Milano at a 30% discount from list price. For additional information visit CSIL Milano or contact Giovanna Castellina.

In addition to covering the mattress industry, CSIL Milano regularly publishes reports on office furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, upholstered furniture, bedroom and dining room furniture, lighting fixtures, and household and built-in appliances, and offers a variety of business consulting services.

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