Awards & Recognition

ISPA is proud to recognize the many members who go above and beyond in their service to the sleep products industry.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 ISPA Awards:

ISPA Exceptional Service Award
Ron Passaglia, Former President & CEO, Restonic

ISPA Vanguard Award
Adam Lava, Director of Sales, A Lava

Mattress Recycling Council Award
Richard Diamonstein, Managing Director, Paramount Sleep

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Outstanding individuals are honored at each ISPA Industry Conference Awards Dinner. Join us for our next event, March 20-21, 2025 at The Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club, St Petersburg, FL.

Learn More About ISPA Awards and View Past Winners:

ISPA Exceptional Award

(formerly the Abolt Exceptional Service Award)

The ISPA Exceptional Service Award is the highest honor bestowed upon any individual by the International Sleep Products Association.

The award recognizes those in our industry who exemplify, in the eyes of their peers, the highest level of career devotion to the wellbeing and betterment of the sleep products industry. Those individuals have demonstrated undeniable personal integrity within their community, industry, trade association, and business.

ISPA celebrates those who have devoted their time, energy, and talents serving the industry. Award recipients are chosen based on length of service to ISPA, Association leadership and activities, industry leadership and community service.

ISPA Vanguard Award

The Vanguard Award recognizes individuals and organizations who lead the way with pioneering ideas that shape the future of the sleep products industry. Established in 2023, the award celebrates those who inspire others with their unwavering commitment to quality and outstanding work, making a transformative impact on the industry.

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MacMorran Memorial Award

Inspired by the achievements and remarkable talents of industry supplier Robert MacMorran, the International Sleep Products Association has honored select members of our industry since 1980 with the MacMorran Memorial Award.

This prestigious award recognizes those dedicated individuals who stand out as innovators. Recipients of the award exemplify leadership in keeping pace with a rapidly changing industry and implementing new strategies that set them apart from peers.

ISPA continues to honor individuals whose determination translates into action, who respect their industry colleagues and who are dedicated to the pursuit of the common good.

The MacMorran Memorial Award was retired in 2022.

Past Winners

ISPA Exceptional Service Award

2018: Jimmy Bush
2016: Jim Nation
2014: Jimmy Bush
2012: Karl Glassman
2010: Ray Malkiewicz
2008: Thomas I. McLean
2006: Richard Diamonstein
2004: Joseph L. Carman IV
2002: Russell L. Abolt
2000: W. Eric Hinshaw
1998: Bob W. Bush
1996: Donald Simon, Sr. & James Schubert
1994: Irving Veitzer & Norman Veitzer
1992: Dallas Yeargain
1990: Roy Unger & Thomas Wright
1989: Richard Roe
1987: Joseph L. Carman III
1985: Norman Williams
1984: None awarded
1983: Harry M. Cornell, Jr.
1981: Marion Brown
1979: None awarded
1977: Anthony Bechik
1975: Charles Lappen
1973: Edward L. Bronstien, Sr
1971: John W. Hubbell
1970: William M. Ginsburg
1969: Warren W. Rosing
1968: S. D. Wolf
1967: Walter J. Schob
1966: Henry D. Jamison, Jr.
1965: All founding members
1964: L. Gerald Koch
1963: Leo J. Simon
1962: Irving W. Weisglass
1960: Max Miller
1959: Evans F. Stearns
1958: J. Paul Fanning

MacMorran Memorial Reward

2018: Bob Steelman, Carpenter Co.
2016: Dale Carlsen, Sleep Train
2014: Kerry Tramel, Lady Americana
2012: Don Wright, Wright Global Graphics
2010: Sandy Van Dyke, Interwoven Group LLC
2008: David Orders, Park Place Corp.
2006: Edwin Malechek, Carpenter Co.
2004: Andrea Herman
2002: Gerry Borreggine, Forty Winks
2000: Ron Passaglia, Simmons Co.
1998: Rick Hooker, Hickory Springs
1996: Paul Brannock, Simmons Co.
1994: No award given
1992: Al Klancnik, Serta, Inc. and Paul Dillon, Simmons Co.
1990: Norman Veitzer, Omaha Bedding Co.
1989: Bob W. Bush, Hickory Springs Mfg. Co., Inc. and Leonard Levy, Sealy Canada
1987: Russell L. Abolt, ISPA
1986: Stephen Tyhanic, Tyhanic Assoc and Roy B. Unger, Serta, Inc
1985: Jack J. Morrill, VWR Home Furnishings
1984: Irving Veitzer, Omaha Bedding
1982: Ralph V. Johnson, Leggett & Platt, Inc. and Richard Roe, Sealy, Inc
1980: Thomas E. Wright, Wright of Thomasville, Inc.

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