About ISPA

ISPA was founded to help sleep product manufacturers and suppliers reach their full potential. We work hard every day on behalf of the diverse ISPA members around the world to unite voices and create a stronger mattress industry.

ISPA is The Voice of the Mattress Industry®.

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Setting Our Sights on the Future

ISPA Highlights

Data & Knowledge

ISPA will provide intelligence essential to industry success

The Consumer

ISPA will enhance the industry’s understanding and responsiveness to consumer trends and needs


ISPA will proactively shape legislation and regulations affecting the industry


ISPA will be the home for collaborative industry interaction

Organizational Health

ISPA will have sufficient revenue, industry support and management resources to meet our goals

Strategic Goals


ISPA is proud to recognize the many members who go above and beyond in their service to the sleep products industry.

Other ISPA Organizations

The Better Sleep Council Logo

The Better Sleep Council

The Better Sleep Council provides research, insights and educational resources to help consumers better understand the relationship between sleep, health, and quality of life – and learn how a great mattress makes it all possible.

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Mattress Recycling Council Logo

Mattress Recycling Council

Mattress recycling resources for industry professionals, stakeholder groups and consumers.

Recycling more than

1.5 million

mattresses every year

  • Creating a sustainable future
  • Supporting the mattress industry
  • Supporting local communities
Bye Bye Mattress Logo

Bye Bye Mattress is here to help you easily dispose of your mattress in a way that’s good for your community and great for the environment. Learn more at ByeByeMattress.com.

Recycling Locator

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