Manual of Labeling Laws
& Regulation Requirements

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Manual of Labeling Laws

The Manual of Labeling Laws contains comprehensive information regarding the U.S. and Canadian laws covering the labeling of bedding, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, and other products.

New content for 2024 includes District of Columbia Bedding and Upholstery Regulations, updates on importer/manufacturer/distributor requirements and information on state and federal labeling requirements along with:

  • List of States and Jurisdictions with and without labeling laws
  • General Requirements for new bedding products
  • U.S., Federal, State and Canadian labeling law requirements
  • Information on tagging of secondhand bedding
  • Illustration of the Uniform Law Label
  • Contact information for law enforcement officials
  • Overview of Registration/License process and fees
  • Explanation of Uniform Registry Number System
  • Indexed classification of filling materials
  • California Prop 65 summary
  • FTC’s labeling requirements for textile and wool and the care labeling rule
  • The Sleep Products Voluntary Dimensional Guideline*
  • Overview of the Mattress Recycling Council

*The Sleep Products Voluntary Dimensional Guideline is a review of the total size relationships of all bedding products and components and information on other applicable standards and common industry terminology used in the United States.

History of the Manual of Labeling Laws

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