California Senate Passes Mattress Recycling Bill

Last night, the California Senate voted 21-17 to pass Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation for discarded mattresses. The bill requires manufacturers and retailers to pay for the collection and disposal of discarded mattresses. The California bill differs slightly from mattress legislation in the other states in that it appears to allow manufacturers to pass the costs of EPR onto consumers. The bill also allows manufacturers to be exempted from participating in the California EPR system by paying the state a fee for each mattress it sells in the state.

ISPA has been working with California ISPA members, retailers and other business groups to oppose this bill since it was first considered in April. The vote mostly fell upon party lines and though ISPA persuade several Democrats to vote against the bill, we fell a few votes short.

The bill now must be considered by the California Assembly. ISPA will continue to oppose the bill in that chamber and is considering several strategies for derailing the legislation. The California legislature adjourns at the end of August.
If you are interested in supporting our efforts in California, please contact Chris Hudgins at 703-683-8371.