CT to open a non-profit mattress recycling facility

Mayor Bill Finch will join DEEP Commissioner Daniel Esty, DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith and the Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises/Green Team to celebrate the opening of the first, nonprofit mattress deconstruction and materials recycling enterprise — the only enterprise of its kind in the Northeast — at the Park City Green, 459 Iranistan Ave., on Wednesday, June 27, at 2 p.m.

Park City Green is a collaborative business venture of Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises/The Green Team, Family ReEntry’s Fresh Start Program and the St. Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County, Ore., with support from the city of Bridgeport and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“This enterprise represents the triple bottom line for the city of Bridgeport and the state,” Finch said. “It is a sustainable business, taking apart mattresses and recycling the metal, foam, cotton and wood. It will create jobs in the ‘green’ economy by hiring 25 ex-offenders and other low-income unemployed residents, and it will help save the city and other municipalities on recycling costs, saving money on the bottom line.”

When fully operational, Park City Green will recycle 100,000 mattresses a year, removing 4,600 tons from the solid waste stream.

Park City Green is located in Bridgeport’s Eco-Industrial Park and is part of the city’s BGreen 2020 Sustainability Plan.  To learn more about Park City Green Mattress Recycling Facility, click here.

Source: TheBridgePortNews.com Tuesday, 26 June 2012