May 30, 2013 — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) yesterday signed the nation’s first mattress recycling law (Public Act No. 13-42). The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) supports the new law, which resulted from lengthy negotiations between ISPA on behalf of the mattress industry and Connecticut state officials.

For the past several years, ISPA has worked diligently with federal and state lawmakers to encourage the development of sensible and cost-effective legislation to encourage recycling that is good for consumers, the environment and business.

The new law requires a nonprofit industry-led organization to create a mattress recycling program that is funded by a small fee collected at retail. The legislation requires the organization to develop a mattress recycling plan by July 2014.

“This law will increase used mattress recycling, create jobs and help the environment,” noted ISPA President Ryan Trainer. “This legislation will also serve as a model for other states considering this issue.”