ISPA Issues 1st Forecast for 2015

ISPA’s Statistics Committee has released the 1st forecast for the U.S. mattress market for 2015. This forecast covers calendar years 2015 and 2016. Unit and value growth is expected to continue over the forecast period.

Based in part on an economic analysis prepared by the University of Michigan, and input from the Committee, the consensus view is that both the quantity and value of mattress shipments will continue to grow in 2015 and 2016. For 2015, the forecast shows a 6.5% increase in the value of mattress shipments and a 4.0% increase in units shipped. For 2016, the forecast shows a 6.0% increase in the value of mattress shipments and a 3.5% increase in units shipped.

The forecast also contains timely economic and market analyses provided by Jerry Epperson, of Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd., and Ashraf Abdul Mohsen of Association Research Inc.

ISPA updates and publishes the Mattress Industry Forecast two or three times a year, depending on market conditions. Click here for an explanation of the process ISPA follows in developing its forecasts and the various economic factors that the ISPA Statistics Committee takes into consideration in preparing the forecast.