The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced preliminary tariffs of 3.02% to 24.12% on softwood lumber imported from Canada.

These tariffs, which will be applied retroactively to lumber imported from Canada over the last 90 days, could significantly drive up costs for mattress manufacturers and disrupt production.

US mattress producers use Canadian softwood lumber wooden in assembling foundations. ISPA has urged DOC to exclude these parts from the scope of these tariffs.

We need your help in persuading DOC to grant this exclusion. Click here now to easily send a letter via ISPA’s website to DOC asking them not to impose new tariffs on Canadian lumber used for mattress foundations. Please fill in brief information about your company and then send your message electronically.

Take action by May 4, 2017 when the comment period ends!

For more information on these tariffs, please see the April 26th edition of ISPA’s Insider.