The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has responded to important shifts in the bedding industry in preparing the 2017 Mattress Industry Trends Report released today. In providing market intelligence essential to industry success, ISPA, the trade association for mattress manufacturers and suppliers, has published the latest and most comprehensive shipment and sales data available from any source on the industry’s current and historical trends.

“ISPA has made several important improvements in the quality and depth of the data presented in this year’s report,” noted ISPA President Ryan Trainer. “First, ISPA has revised our sampling factors-as we do every five years-to reflect the current bedding market. The biggest change since our last update in 2011 is the rapid growth in the boxed bedding segment. We are happy to announce that our 2016 and 2017 U.S. shipments data includes this important and growing segment.

“Second, we have added two new data points for motion foundations, capturing both the full size of the market for this product as well imports. Finally, mattress imports have grown swiftly. So that our readers can better analyze all segments that make up U.S. demand for bedding, this year’s report groups trends in U.S. mattress and stationary foundation shipments, motion foundation sales and imports together in the first three charts,” said Trainer.

In addition to these improvements, the 2017 report features the most comprehensive sales information available that ISPA members, mattress retailers and those in the financial sector can use to track key business trends and make important commercial and investment decisions.

The report includes a 20-year history of wholesale units, dollars and average unit prices for mattresses and foundations sold in the United States; regional sales data; mattress-size trends; price point data; household consumption information; contract sales; data on econometric factors that influence the industry; expert commentary on industry issues and a world mattress report prepared by the Italian firm of Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL).

“For over 100 years, ISPA has been both the source for industry statistics, but has worked to improve the data we publish. We welcome your feedback on our improvements to this year’s report,” said Trainer.

The Mattress Industry Trends Report is one part of ISPA’s statistical program. ISPA’s other statistical reports include:

  • Bedding Market Quarterly (a quarterly report on mattress and foundation shipments)
  • Mattress Industry Forecast (a semi-annual forecast of industry shipments)

For more information about the 2017 Mattress Industry Trends Report or other statistical products, contact Jane Oseth, [email protected], 703-683-8371.


ISPA Issues 1st Forecast for 2018

ISPA’s Statistics Committee has released the 1st forecast for the U.S. mattress market for 2018.  This forecast covers calendar years 2018 through 2019.  Unit and value growth is expected to continue over the forecast period.

Based in part on an economic analysis prepared by the University of Michigan, and input from the Committee, the consensus view is that both the quantity and value of mattress shipments will continue to grow in 2018 and 2019. For 2018, the forecast shows a 3.5% increase in the value of mattress shipments and a 1.5% increase in units shipped. For 2019, the forecast shows a 4.0% increase in the value of mattress shipments and a 2.0% increase in units shipped.

The forecast also contains timely economic and market analyses provided by Jerry Epperson, of Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd., and Ashraf Abdul Mohsen of Association Research Inc.

ISPA updates and publishes the Mattress Industry Forecast two or three times a year, depending on market conditions. Click here for an explanation of the process ISPA follows in developing its forecasts and the various economic factors that the ISPA Statistics Committee takes into consideration in preparing the forecast.


ISPA Releases the 2017-2018 Production Wage & Management Compensation Report

This report is designed to allow ISPA members to easily compare their compensation levels and benefits policies with similar mattress manufacturers.  This report offers the following breakdowns:

  • All Firms (National Composite)
  • By Geographic Area
  • By Number of Production Employees
  • By Net Corporate Sales (Management Compensation)
  • By Unionization (Union vs. Non-Union)

A continuing feature for this year’s report is a section providing cost of living index information for selected areas throughout the United States which allows participating ISPA members to accurately measure the cost of living in their particular area.

All participating companies receive a national composite report and a customized individual Company Wage Report.  Please follow the instructions provided to you by Industry Insights to download from the secure portal.

Non-participating members may purchase the national composite report for $500 by logging into your ISPA website account.  Contact Jane Oseth, [email protected], with questions.