Manufacturers have capacity to help provide mattresses, beds and personal protective equipment (PPE) to fight COVID-19

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) issued a statement by Ryan Trainer, the Association’s President, to highlight the mattress manufacturing industry’s ability to meet the demand for products to support health care providers who are on the front lines of the global response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“As the world faces the most challenging health care crisis in modern history, the mattress industry is doing its part by keeping the supply chain of critical goods moving, here and abroad. The global pandemic has caused temporary furloughs, but workers stand ready to be called to action to meet these important needs. ISPA surveyed its members to determine how it could help hospitals and health care providers meet their needs in the face of a projected surge of COVID-19 cases. The response from factories across the United States and Canada has been overwhelming.

The mattress sector is already responding. Manufacturers have donated thousands of mattresses targeting areas of acute need. Others are making and delivering mattresses and beds that the health care system needs now and over the longer term. ISPA members have also quickly shifted production to help fill the protective mask shortage. Other manufacturers are working to repurpose their operations to make isolation gowns, privacy curtains, disinfecting wipes, filters and other protective supplies.

The important message to health care providers, policymakers and the public is that ISPA’s North American members have the capacity, materials and workforce to meet America’s needs. With plants in all major metropolitan areas and in most states, ISPA manufacturers can make and ship products almost immediately. When hospitals and health care providers need help, the men and women of the mattress industry are ready to deliver.”

Additional Background
Government agencies, hospitals and health care providers looking for supplies are invited to reach out to ISPA members by completing a form. ISPA will circulate that information to producers that can meet those requests.
Additionally, ISPA has launched a COVID-19 webpage so members can stay informed on how they can help.