Georgia: Legislation (HB 40) has been introduced in Georgia to limit the use of antimony trioxide and several other flame retardant chemicals in a number of products, including mattresses, residential upholstered furniture and children’s products to 1,000 PPM per component. The bill also establishes criteria that the Georgia Office of Fire Safety Commissioner may apply to ban other flame retardant chemicals from use in these products in the future.
This bill is nearly identical to one that was introduced in Georgia last legislative session but died without being enacted. At this point, we do not expect significant action on this year’s bill either.
Delaware: A bill (HB 77) was introduced yesterday in Delaware which also would limit the use of certain chemical FRs to 1,000 PPM per component in mattresses, children’s products and residential upholstered furniture. The relevant provision for mattresses would limit the use of Organohalogen FRs. The bill is nearly identical to legislation that failed last year in the Delaware House.
ISPA will provide updates on these bills as necessary.