Mattress Stewardship Bill Reintroduced in Oregon

As you may recall, Oregon has considered mattress recycling bills during the last two legislative sessions. ISPA has worked with Senators Manning and Dembrow (the bills’ sponsors) and relevant stakeholders in an effort to negotiate a bill similar to those enacted in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Oregon’s Senate Ways and Means Committee, however, has never approved the previous bills, a necessary step to legislation being considered by the full Senate.
On Monday, the sponsors of the previous bills reintroduced legislation (SB 570) to create a mattress recycling program in the state. SB 570 contains a number of provisions that ISPA opposes. We will seek to work with the sponsors and stakeholders to amend the bill to address our concerns and will keep you apprised of significant developments on this bill.
Please contact Marie Clarke or Grant Johnson if you have questions.