Softwood Lumber from Canada: Commerce Department Announces Final Subsidy Rates

The U.S. Commerce Department has announced the final results of its administrative review of the countervailing duty order on imports of softwood lumber from Canada. Under this countervailing duty order, Commerce annually determines how much Canadian lumber companies have benefited from unfair subsidies provided by Canadian federal and provincial governments, and imposes extra customs duties known as “countervailing duties” on U.S. imports of these products to offset the unfair benefit. The U.S. importer of these products is responsible for paying these additional duties.

This order is relevant to ISPA members because the wood used to make most stationary foundations produced in the United States is imported from Canada and is subject to this order. In its announcement, Commerce found that the countervailing duty on softwood lumber imported from Canada during calendar year 2019 will range from 2.42 to 18.07%, depending on which lumber mill produced the imported goods.