Last week, Governor Kate Brown signed SB 1576 into law, enacting legislation which makes Oregon the fourth state to require mattress manufacturers to establish a statewide mattress recycling program.  This legislation passed with ISPA support and is the result of several years of negotiations with stakeholders in state. You can read the press release on the Mattress Recycling Council’s (MRC) website.

With the bill now enacted, we anticipate that the new law will be implemented as follows:

  • 2022 – MRC will seek stakeholders’ input on factors to take into account in developing a mattress recycling program that is appropriate for Oregon.
  • Early 2023 – MRC will solicit bids from transporters and recyclers seeking to provide services to the program.
  • Fall 2023 – MRC will submit a formal plan to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) describing program functions and the proposed recycling fee, which will take into account anticipated operational costs. DEQ has 90 days to review and approve the submitted plan.
  • 2024 – Following DEQ’s approval of the plan, MRC will inform mattress retailers of the program start date and the approved fee.

We will provide updates as the program development and implementation progresses.