CPSC Commissioner Nominee Mary Boyle Moves Closer to Confirmation

As previously reported, President Biden nominated Mary Boyle, current Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) Executive Director, to fill an already running seven-year term previously filled by Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle. Biden first nominated Boyle in 2021 and renominated her in January 2022 for the new Congress. Although delayed, Boyle’s nomination to become a CPSC commissioner moved closer to a final Senate decision with a 49-47-4 vote on June 16 to end debate. Republicans have expressed concern with Boyle’s nomination given her role in the 2019 unauthorized release of information protected by 6(b) and the 2020 decision to pull agency staff temporarily from the ports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If Boyle is confirmed by the Senate, the split on the CPSC would be 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans. The terms would be as follows:

  • Dana Baiocco (R) to October 2024.
  • Mary Boyle (D) to October 2025.
  • Peter Feldman (R) to October 2026.
  • Alexander Hoehn-Saric (D) to October 2027.
  • Richard Trumka (D) to October 2028.

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