ISPA understands that some zip-on mattress covers are manufactured with blank law tags sewn into the cover seams. After the covers have been delivered to a mattress manufacturer who assembles finished mattresses for multiple brands, the assembler uses adhesive to attach the actual law label over the blank tag once the finished mattress has been assembled for a specific brand.

This process allows for more manufacturing and materials inventory flexibility between the time that the cover is sewn and the finished mattress is assembled. Nevertheless, some concerns have been raised about whether this practice meets some states’ requirements that the law label be securely fastened to the finished mattress. ISPA is considering whether to approach state regulators to request that they formally approve this practice.

Before taking this action, ISPA needs additional information on how this process works. For example, are abrasion-resistant materials used to make both the blank tag and the actual label? How durable is the adhesive used to glue the actual label onto the blank tag? Are any tests completed on the durability of the adhesive?  Are any tests completed to determine how the adhesive holds up in heat and humidity?  Does the adhesive create a permanent bond? Is the actual label attached to the blank tag mechanically or manually? Is the actual label attached to the blank tag using a “peel and stick” type of adhesive or do you apply adhesive as a separate operation?

ISPA is forming a working group to advise us on how to proceed with this topic. If you are interested in participating in this working group, or you would like to provide information or other input on this subject, please contact Marie Clarke at