Pursuant to AB 2998, passed in 2018, California law requires ISPA to survey which flame-retardant (FR) materials mattress manufacturers use to meet 16 CFR 1633. Mattress manufacturers that are based in California are required to complete this survey. The law also requires that ISPA identify to the California Bureau of Household Goods the names of all California-based mattress manufacturers that do not comply with this request.  ISPA requests that affected companies fill out and return the survey by January 9th.

Background: In 2018, California enacted FR chemical bans for a number of consumer products. ISPA succeeded in excluding adult mattresses from the bans, but the law requires ISPA to survey the mattress industry every three years regarding the materials it uses to meet 1633. ISPA, working with Vault Consulting, completed a survey and submitted a report to the California Bureau of Home Furnishings in 2020. The next report is due in January 31, 2023.

Please click here to access the online survey form

For this project, ISPA has again retained Vault Consulting, an independent consulting firm to collect and tabulate data from individual companies. Vault has years of experience with collecting industry data for dozens of trade associations like ISPA. To protect the confidentiality of member information, Vault may not disclose collected data to ISPA staff or any other party (including competitors) and may only release aggregate data to ISPA for use in the California report.

Please contact ISPA at 571-482-5428 with any questions you may have about the program. If you have questions about submitting data or confidentiality concerns, please contact Aaron Hollinger with Vault Consulting at ahollinger@vaultconsulting.com.

On behalf of ISPA, we thank you in advance for your time.