As in past years, ISPA is tracking a raft of new bills to limit and regulate the presence of PFAS in consumer products and water sources. Of note to the mattress industry, Rhode Island, Nevada and Minnesota (with multiple bills) have all introduced bills in 2023 which, depending on the bill, would regulate the use of PFAS in “children’s products” or “juvenile products,” which would include some types of mattresses. These bills define “children’s products” and “juvenile products” to mean a product designed by a manufacturer for use by an infant or child less than 12 years of age, but each bill exempts from that definition “adult mattresses,” which are defined as any mattress other than a toddler mattress, crib mattress or other sleep product for infants.  

The Rhode Island and Nevada bills, and all but one of the Minnesota bills, set no PFAS content limits, but prohibit the use of intentionally added PFAS in children’s products. If enacted, the effective date for each bill is different, but ranginges from July 1, 2024 to January 1, 2025.  

In addition, the Rhode Island bill would authorize the state government in the future to ban PFAS from additional products. MN HF 1000 would also require manufacturers of products that contain PFAS to provide specified notifications to the state and would ban intentionally added PFAS for all products by 2030.  

 ISPA will closely track these bills and watch for bills with similar language introduced elsewhere.