Finding that methylene chloride presents an unreasonable risk of injury to human health, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to ban the use of this chemical in all consumer, and most industrial and commercial, uses. ISPA understands that although methylene chloride was in the past used in manufacturing and fabricating polyurethane foam, these practices in the United States have ended or other less problematic chemicals are today used in place of methylene chloride. 

 Specifically, this chemical has been used as a blowing agent in foam production, as a mold release agent on foam molding equipment, as an adhesive applied to the ends of foam buns that are fabricated using a loop slitting machine and as an adhesive to glue foam blocks together. Although we understand that methylene chloride is no longer used in the United States in these processes, ISPA members are urged to confirm whether that is the case with regard to their operations in light of the EPA’s proposal to ban future use of this chemical.