Does your company understand its legal responsibilities under US product safety laws? The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has adopted a policy of imposing large civil penalties on companies that violate these laws. For example, Whirlpool and BJ’s Wholesale failed to inform the CPSC and consumers promptly after the companies became aware that products they made or sold created an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death to consumers. Due to their noncompliance, the CPSC fined Whirlpool $11.5 million and BJ’s $9 million in penalties.  

If you become aware of safety problems associated with your products, or if CPSC arrives at your factory or offices to review your compliance and testing records, it is important that your company is properly prepared. For that reason, ISPA urges members to consult regularly with legal counsel to make sure that all relevant team members understand your company’s CPSC reporting obligations. You should also confirm that your company’s product testing and other compliance records are complete and in good order.