Last week, Maryland Del. Dr. Terri Hill introduced HB 1355, which would enact a statewide mattress recycling program. Del. Hill has introduced similar legislation in previous sessions of the Maryland General Assembly. The bill varies in several ways from mattress recycling laws enacted in other states and ISPA has met with Del. Hill regarding her legislation. 

Additionally, the Virginia House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources has voted to continue VA HB 745, introduced by Del. Amy Laufer, which also would enact a statewide mattress recycling program. That means that once the legislature adjourns for 2024, Del. Laufer will obtain input from ISPA, environmental groups and other interested parties prior to the bill being reconsidered during Virginia’s 2025 legislative session. Meanwhile, ISPA has persuaded Del. Laufer to amend her bill in a number of respects to make it similar to mattress recycling legislation enacted in other states. ISPA looks forward to engaging with Del. Laufer and other stakeholders during this process.