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Consistent and stable growth has always been the hallmark of the sleep products industry. Now more than ever – as consumers focus on wellness and home improvement, as innovative materials are transforming bedding products, and as game-changing startups shift the purchasing cycle online – the industry continues to experience steady growth. ISPA is the one place you can find comprehensive, credible data on performance of the mattress industry, over the past 35 years, through today, and beyond.


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The Mattress Industry Trends Report

The Bedding Barometer

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This comprehensive information is ONLY available from ISPA. Take advantage of the intelligence to stay a step ahead – and prepare financial analysis for your clients.


- W.W. “Jerry” Epperson

I work with most of the associations within the broad home furnishings/ furniture and mattresses categories and can assure everyone that the International Sleep Products Association has the most sophisticated statistical reporting programs of any I am aware of, by far. The outside consulting partners give ISPA extra inside insight into our statistics , and ISPA has worked with the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Administration to create new series when new products or import information is needed. They work aggressively on being as timely and accurate as possible. While an industry economic forecast is a thankless task, ISPA involves industry executives to help it be as insightful as possible. Finally, the Better Sleep Council has set an example that other industries should watch on how to communicate about the mattress industry to consumers and others outside the trade.


W.W. “Jerry” Epperson is well-known and respected for his insight into the home furnishings industry, with expertise in demographic and macroeconomic factors in the home furnishings business today, and what they mean for the bedding industry.

ISPA Reports Help You Understand the Industry
and Maximize Your Investment Opportunities

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Mattress Industry Trends Report


Comprehensive data on U.S. and international mattress industry trends – the most complete and in-depth industry statistics available anywhere.

Cost: $2600

Reports include:

  • 20-year history of wholesale units, dollars and average unit prices
  • Regional sales data breakouts
  • Data by product, size, and price
  • Price point data
  • Import/Export data
  • Bedding and non-bedding data
  • Contract Sales
  • Data on econometric factors that influence the industry
  • CSIL World Mattress Industry Report Summary
  • Commentary on industry issues

One-time purchase of the current edition allows access to the previous year’s edition as well.

Bedding Market Quarterly image

Bedding Market Quarterly


Quarterly and year-to-date mattress market data obtained from a large sampling of the U.S. mattress industry.

Reports include:

  • U.S. and regional sales of mattresses and stationary foundations
  • Import / Export data
  • U.S. sales of motion foundations
  • Retail price point data

Purchase of current edition allows access to the previous four quarters.

Subscription: $1600 / year

Mattress Industry Forescast image

Mattress Industry Historical Market Data


Long-term historical data about the mattress industry, including data from the 1970s through today.

Reports include:

  • Mattress Industry Historical Market Data (annual report history) containing units, dollars, and AUP from 1974 through current
  • Bedding Market Quarterly historical data shows units, dollars, and AUP from 2004 through current
  • Contract and residential dollars and % of U.S. Market from 1997 through current
  • Percentage of innerspring mattresses by size from 1986 through current

Excel file with 1974 – Current Historical Market Data Sets above.

Cost: $2600

The Most Relevant and Accurate Data

In 2019, ISPA implemented changes to make the U.S. market data more accurate and relevant. The Mattress Industry Trends Report and the Bedding Market Quarterly now include combined U.S. market data for mattresses, stationary and motion foundations that are produced in the United States and imported.

Listen to the Voice of the Mattress Industry®

The International Sleep Products Association is the only association representing the world’s mattress manufacturers and component suppliers. For more than 100 years, we have served to advance the interests of the sleep products industry through industry research and analysis, advocacy and education. No organization can offer deeper insight into this thriving industry to provide investors with the guidance to make the smartest decisions.

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