The US Department of Commerce has announced that it has corrected errors in its preliminary antidumping duty determination for Healthcare, a Chinese exporter of finished mattresses to the United States.  As a result, Healthcare’s antidumping duty rate will increase substantially, from 38.56% to 69.30%.  The rate for Zinus, another Chinese mattress exporter, is not affected by this correction (and will remain at 84.64%), but the rates for exporters that DOC preliminarily assigned separate rates will increase from 74.65% to 81.31% (since the rate for the separate rate companies is based on the weighted average of the dumping margins for the other 2 companies).  The preliminary “China-wide Entity” rate of 1,731.75% (which applies to companies other than Healthcare, Zinus and the separate rate companies) remains unchanged as a result of the above corrections.

Finally, DOC noted that its preliminary list of separate rate companies omitted the names of 3 companies and contained several other errors.  Click here for the corrected list of the antidumping duty rates that now apply to imports of mattresses from China.  These corrections took effect with regard to goods entered on or after July 10, 2019.

Please contact Marie Clarke or Grant Johnson if you have questions regarding these revised calculations.